Partner Deals

Deals for Indie Worldwide Startups.

We've partnered with all of these companies and more to get free and discounted resources for your startup.

Stripe: 50% off Stripe Atlas.

Register a business and open a bank account in the USA.

Mongo DB: $3,600 free credits.

Cloud hosted database for web-scale apps.

Postmark: $75 free credits.

Send transactional emails that don't bounce.

Stripe: $580 waived processing fees.

Payments processing infrastructure.

Twilio: $500 in free credits.

Programmatic texting and calls.

Sendgrid: $1,000 in free credits.

Marketing & transactional email api.

AWS Activate: $5,000 in free credits.

Cloud hosting and technical support.

Peachscore: First year free.

Warm intro's to startup investors.