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Indie Worldwide - October 2020 Meetup
Oct 28, 1:00PM - 1:30PM EST

Can't make it?

What is Worldwide?

A community for makers who can't get to an in-person meetup group or want to expand their circle beyond their local area. We host online video chats where you can make friends, meet co-founders, find new clients, and get advice. 100% online.

"Get feedback, get asked hard questions, and get that extra push to keep going."

Dan Bogachek
Dan Bogachek
Founder, Handwrite

"I was ready for the next event before the first one was over."

Dru Riley
Dru Riley
Founder, Trends.vc

"Coffee, exercise, and IH Worldwide are my tools for being a more productive indie hacker."

Marc Lavigne-Gagnon
Marc Lavigne-Gagnon
Founder, PaleoTrack

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